Art in your spare time

Life is a balancing act, spinning plates at the same time, or that is what it feels like to us. Especially when you want to try to fit your personal work in, your most passionate about. This is our story, running a creative business and putting clients first, is a priority, alongside family life, leaving us little time to work on the personal projects we would love to. Often scraping a few hours at the end of the day or start of the day which is never enough. So, this year we decided we are going to address that balance, get more disciplined and get back to what we enjoy the most, traveling, meeting artists and developing our own work….AND joy of joy we are heading on our new path with vigour!!

Rob professionally is a graphic designer and awesome illustrator, having worked with well-known companies, however with these skills and his passion for art, has gone back to his roots of being a fine artist to develop a series of oil paintings, charcoal drawings and screen prints.  His drawing skills are brilliant, keeping them well oiled since Art College by attending life drawing classes and collecting as much reference from festivals, surfing, and typically British events like point to point, polo, horse racing to utilise in his art.  We will be releasing some of his work as limited edition prints soon through our illustration site (another project we are on the go with!).  I’ll keep you posted ….. and you never know we may even have an exhibition soon for the larger pieces which is all very exciting!

We have been to New York and Boston this year, after which we started this blog to connect and inspire other creatives on places to go and sharing a variety of our own personal work, photography, art, illustrations etc… so tick, tick two objectives are underway!

Staying motivated and disciplined is our new mantra and it seems to be working. Would love to hear what changes you have been making in your world to help me stay inspired or inspire others! Or any general tips wouldn’t go a miss on how you fit it all in, as you know being creative needs time which is often lacking here!



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