Illustrating for clients

They say ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’ and this is really at the core of creating an illustration – the image needs to capture a mood, depict a message or clearly show a story in easy to follow images.

The image needs to sum up the story/campaign without the need for too many words, with the words enhancing the imagination of the viewer, both disciplines working seamlessly together.

To illustrate to a brief for commercial or charity clients is something we enjoy as the style of illustration will come out of the parameters of the brief. The steps in creating something jointly with a client, is an enjoyable process for both parties too which is an added bonus! Illustrating unlike creating graphic designs or photography, both of which we do, the process very much stays in the hand of the illustrator so isn’t altered,  weakened or watered down by viewpoints of others and the outcome is usually stronger. The best briefs are ones where you know the parameters of the brief and are allowed to create some solutions /styles or approaches with the client’s involvement, BUT, once an approach is agreed, the illustrator is left to do what they do best – illustrate! See them as artists like a painter, sculptor stand back and let them create and the talent of the illustrator shines through. The client also gets a unique piece of design that no one else has or can have! I don’t understand where the graphic design and the photography industry has seen an influx of amateurs with little design skills, companies don’t turn to illustration as a way to create something they can uniquely own, but stand out of the crowded market with.

Creating an illustrative style for a brand is where we have the benefit of our branding and design experience, by seeing how the brand can come to life with the illustration style, into different consumer touch points. Using illustration to create a brand requires the illustrator to think more from a helicopter point of view of the company, how will consumers relate to the new style, what will it look like on stationery, signage, interiors, brochures, websites etc . This really needs to be thought through before you can start, as opposed to say creating an illustration for a story or campaign. The illustration style needs to be robust enough to work on printed and within online media or flexible enough to be translated into an animation.

One of the benefits of Rob who is the key illustrator/designer here at brookes and brookes is that he can create any style, if a client has a style in mind, this is never a problem he can produce a flavour of that style with the client, but still create something unique for the client. His experience has led him to work on a range of well known clients in the commercial and charity sector, of which I have included some examples below.

If your company has a project coming up, stop and think, will this have more standout if it was illustrated than using photography or graphics and judge the work as to whether it fits within your brand values.

We are always welcome to help advise you, please get in contact via our graphics business and speak to either Rob or Tanya on 01242 236399 who are more than happy for the chat!

Charity Clients

  • Macmillan Cancer Research
  • Leukaemia Research Fund
  • Farm Africa
  • IFAW
  • Greenpeace
  • Amnesty International
  • Christian Aid
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care

Commercial Clients

  • Box Steam Brewery
  • Sun life Insurance
  • Optima IT Technology
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary

Story teller – Second Hand Tales

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