Chester Architecture

Ok this is a quick post to say if your interested in historical architecture or roman sites and seeing many eras in one street then look no further than Chester.

Absolutely fascinating walking around the cobbled streets seeing the variety of buildings which are still in use and don’t miss out walking along the streets balcony walkways, seeing the street from a different view. Hidden away you will find one-off boutiques, art shops, cafe, bars which you can easily miss from street level. What I also liked if you look down into the cellars of buildings you can find interesting restaurants and oh yes wine and fizz bars – deep in the cool vaults what’s not to like! Chester is surrounded by a walled city which you can also walk the entire city via the wall, along the way you will find Roman sites such as the 1st amphitheatre in the UK and the Roman Gardens with old relics to view hidden amongst the flowers. However if you don’t fancy walking you have to go on the dinky little tour bus taking you round the town!!

And of course there is the River Dee too – Chester seems to have it all and is so worth a visit architecture lovers or not!

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