Manchester Mayhem

Manchester is one of those exciting cities that actually feels British – what I mean by that is the majority of people who live there have grown up there and are very much part of the community, it doesn’t feel touristy like London – it feels authentic. The buildings have a warehouse loft style living vibe that similar to New York. The people are very friendly they actually want to talk to you!!! We stayed one night but could see there is no shortage of amazing independent restaurants, bars and shops – the place felt like it was buzzing. I could easily make another weekend trip there for a bit of shopping, night out fun!! We walked around the Northern Quarter full of trendy cafes, bars and shops and one cute little coffee shop worth a visit is Fig and Sparrow  Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JA which sells authentic coffee but also quirky design products.

We did the obligatory watch a football match and a spot of shopping  but if you want the independent shops, vinyl shops, head to the Northern Quarter for sure.

We decided we wanted an authentic Mancunian meal so headed to Beef and Pudding a great venue with superb food and a lively atmosphere- well worth a visit for your fish and chips with gravy, or vimto jelly – oh yes and don’t forget the Eccles cake!!! All sampled I have to say !!! The wine was also fab and not over priced so good value for money we found and a great place to hang out with friends before your big night out!

Close by is the famous Rosso Italian restaurant owned by Rio Ferdinand and apparently good to spot the famous footballers- it is top of the range Italian food but you can get lunch deals if you check their website.

Walking around Manchester there is a lot of investment taking place with apartment after apartment being renovated – with the HS2 train ending in Manchester we can see why its a hot place to buy!


I will certainly be returning for a longer visit!!

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