About Us

Hi we are a couple of creatives Rob and Tanya who enjoy exploring the World, being inspired and meeting like minded creative people. We spend quite a bit of time designing for clients through our Graphics company Brookes and Brookes, however we like to get away from the desks and usually record what we experience mainly through photography, design and illustration. So we decided to start a blog on what we explore, places, festivals, music venues, restaurants and the many bars too!

Hope you find it inspiring and if you do visit any of the places we went to, please share with us your thoughts!

Tanya – made to travel! – Born in Kenya, Lived in Hong Kong (13 years), Singapore (7 years), Washington and has family in Canada. The countries I have been fortunate to travel to have been so many and am looking forward to new places to visit. I love food and visiting creative places and meeting creative people.

Places been : Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, Philippines, Sicogon Island,  Singapore, Malaysia, Langkawi, Macau, Phuket, Koh Samui, Australia, Sydney,Perth, Sunshine Coast, USA Boston, New York, San Francisco, Florida, Washington, Bahamas, Hawaii, Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Charelvoix, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Austria, Kenya.

Rob – Is a graphic designer, illustrator, fine art painter and photographer so when he travels it accumulates into something creative!

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